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Reejo an E-RYT – 500 Yoga Instructor – Certified by Yoga Alliance USA. Reejo had his first encounter with yoga more than 8 years ago in a place and time when everything related to spirituality was prohibited. During his youth, he practiced weight training exercise. He was introduced to yoga when he went for pilates training where he met some yoginis. To overcome all his weaknesses, heal himself completely and find true liberation, Reejo took the decision to dedicate completely to the yogic practice, leaving his multimedia job in favour of spiritual development


Reejo is the best yoga teacher you can ever have! He teaches with so much passion, dedication and expertise. He is so knowledgeable and if you are lucky enough to be his student you’re going to be truly inspired by his teachings and truly motivated. Read More

Ingy Noury

What an experience! What a teacher! Reejo has such a great energy - he makes you feel comfortable and confident to try new things. His tips and magic tricks have helped me improve my practice and I will pass them on to help others improve. My class mates and I have enjoyed Read More

Leanny Morphhy

Reejo, is probably the best yoga teacher I have had. He is very technical and is able to teach advanced poses with a session or within a Matter of days especially inversions and strength poses. Reejo is really pushed his students and has a very positive Read More

SACHELLE Fraser Wright

Looking for an authentic yoga teacher? Reejo ji is a yoga Acharya ( a yogi) who practice what he teaches. His teaching style is balanced with theory and practical so you gain full knowledge and applicable skills needed for you as a practitioner yogi or as a yoga teacher. Read More


I have done 300 hours astanga yoga training with teacher Reejo in Goa in June ! We all enjoyed his teaching , his way of explaining the alightment of every Asana . I still remember his pushing me to remember Sanskrit names Read More

lisa lee

Reejo is an absolutely fantastic teacher. His knowledge of alignment is exceptional and so clearly and memorably explained, and his adjustments when in the poses are transformational and really support a physical understand of what correct posture in the asanas feels like Read More

Jade Windle

Reejo is a fantastic teacher. He provides clear instructions, offers accessable modifications for students with limitations and his adjustments allow you to feel comfortable throughout even the most challenging practices. Read More

Brad Fitzsimmons

I completed my 500 hrs Ryt vinyasa and Ashtanga training several years ago. Reejo gave such clear instruction and guidance throughout my training and I can not thank him enough. It is thanks to Reejo that my path in life has become so much more enriched and fulfilling. Read More

Hannia Saleh

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