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Here’s Why You Should Enrol in a Yoga Teacher Training Course Even if You Don’t Teach

As a follower of yoga, it’s only natural for you to want to learn more about yoga, its inception and philosophy. The best way to gain more knowledge and insight about yoga is through a yoga teacher training course.

A yoga teacher training course isn’t solely restricted to those interested in teaching yoga. If you have a well-settled job and no interest in pursuing a career as a yoga teacher, that’s fine, you can still opt for this course to further build your understanding of yoga.

At a yoga teacher training course, one learns Asana, Pranayama meditation, philosophy, anatomy, practicum and alignment to qualify as an aspiring teacher. Ultimately, it’s your choice whether you choose to teach or learn to enhance your knowledge.

There are different styles of yoga and hence different teacher training courses available around the globe to choose from. One must know how confident they are in their personal yoga practice before choosing a yoga teacher training course.

While many students are not interested in teaching because they have a good job, others believe that teaching isn’t for them due to fear of the crowd. Not to worry, teaching can even be a one on one practice. A yoga teacher training course helps you take this practice home with you and better your level and skill. Being around people in practice makes it far easier to develop discipline and self-belief.

If you wish to delve into the field of teaching yoga but not as  a full-time yoga studio teacher, here are a few options for you:

  1. You can give small classes to your friends and relatives or some community people.
  2. You can teach a small lunch break class at work to help your stressed colleagues.
  3. You can give classes to old age people or children during the weekends.


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